Housing - Currently Not Available (2022)

Students between the ages of 14 and 18 may be housed at the University of King’s College dormitory, which is directly across from the dance studio. King’s dorms offers air-conditioned apartment-style housing with a 24-hour security guard.

Each suite contains a common room, kitchen, bathroom, it can accommodate 1 to 2 students per dorm. Apartments come with basic dorm-style furnishings. Wireless Internet and on-site laundry facilities are available.

Resident assistants live on-site to monitor students in the dormitory. Rooms being provided are double occupancy. The residential package includes buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. If students are not residing on-campus, lunch will be included and we will eat as a group at 12:00pm each day.

The cost of housing at the University of King’s college for the duration of 4 week program is $1,100.

The University of King's College
Halifax, NS