Here at Elevate we believe in helping the dance community by providing leadership opportunities to aspiring dance professionals.


Elevate Ambassadors are chosen from dancers who have completed one of Elevate’s summer programs. These dancers will work with Elevate staff to reach dancers in the community and help spread Elevate’s story. These dancers will receive a scholarship towards their tuition.

Artistic Assistants

Dancers over the age of 15 may apply to attend our program on half scholarship towards their tuition. These individuals will partake in any of the dance classes as well as assist the faculty. Artistic Assistants will help the students on campus as mentors for the duration of their stay at Elevate. Those who wish to apply as an assistant are asked to register for The Intensive program and submit an audition video. They may be contacted for an interview. 

+ Please submit a resume and brief summary on why you believe you would be suitable as an Artistic Assistant in addition to the standard audition requirements. 


We are currently seeking additional faculty members for Elevate 2021 Programs. Please contact us for more info.


Anyone interested in volunteering their time towards Elevate’s summer programs, and/or events, please contact