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Elevate Summer Dance
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Welcome to Elevate

Founded in 2016

We are so glad to have you! Feel free to look around our site to learn all about the programs we offer here in Halifax for Int/Adv Dancers! This summer we will be holding TWO 2-week intensive programs for dancers to attend. Dancers have the option to attend 2, 3 or 4 weeks of consecutive training!

July 18th-29th, 2022
AugUST 8th-19th, 2022

I'm Ready!


Held each year at the beautiful campus of The University of King’s College, Dancers come from all over Nova Scotia and the Maritimes to fully immerse themselves in a supportive and uplifting dance environment. 

Founded by Brittney McCarthy, Elevate was created to offer a training program to bring the elite dance community together during the summer months. 

Each year, dancers audition and work hard to be accepted into the Elevate family. Our goal is to use the time dancers are “off” from their regular season to “level up” their training. Have a look at our programs and see if Elevate is the place for you!


Director, Brittney McCarthy and a group of highly educated and experienced instructors lead dancers on their journey to finding balance as artists. We create an experience for dancers to learn, connect and grow as young artists. Dancers who attend Elevate improve substantially and quickly due to highly concentrated schedules full of classes for their minds, bodies and spirits. Dancers will have the option to attend programs from 2-4 weeks total.

What is included ?

Elevate Summer Dance Intensive has been so important in helping me improve as a dancer, physically and mentally - teaching me how to perfect my turns, treat sore muscles, prepare me for my future career in dance, and much more. Elevate means so much to me. I look forward to it every summer and was more grateful than ever to attend this year, in 2020.

The small class size allowed us to be together in the studio when we needed it the most. The program has taught me to be open-minded and to have patience and that you can’t rush your training. You have to do the work in order to get where you want to be. As an ambassador of the Elevate summer dance program, I have the awesome opportunity to share my experiences and learnings and take my training at Elevate with me wherever I go. I can’t wait for summer 2021!


Elevate Ambassador

Our Values

We believe that a balanced dancer is a healthy dancer. Clearing our minds, moving our bodies and filling our spirits with purpose is how we elevate our dancing! Dancers are able to overcome their fears towards judgement, push past their limits of self doubt and gain the knowledge to overcome any injuries they have faced or might face in the future! 

Let's Do This!